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Customs Clearance

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Since it is establishment in 1994, Centex has been specializing in the Import and Export customs clearance and CIQ Inspection Agency declaration and inspection in Dalian. Due to the rapid growth of the business, we have set up many branches nation wide and overseas to meet the needs of requirements of our customers,

We have a team of experienced customs clearance professionals who can provide accurate, smooth and efficient customs clearance. Our main business includes: customs clearance, CIQ inspection agency, supervision of dangerous goods loading, transportation, insurance, and consulting, etc.

The main import and export goods we have handled are as below:
Animal products: frozen fish, frozen meat, dairy products, etc.
Plant products: vegetables, fruits, miscellaneous grains, straw, etc.
Animal and vegetable oil and fat
Food: canned, seasoning, health care products, wine and alcohol, feed, etc.
Minerals: ore, vanadium slag, coal, etc.
Chemical: fertilizer, paint, cosmetics, graphite, lubricants, etc.
Plastic products: waste plastic, rubber products, etc.
Fur products
Wooden products: logs, timbers, wooden tableware, etc.
Paper products: pulp, wastepaper, etc.
Textiles: linens and sheets, fabrics, garments, etc.;
light industrial products: (shoes, Caps, etc.)
Stone products: marble, magnesium products, ceramic, glassware, etc.
Precious metals
Base metals: steel, castings, aluminum products, hardware, scrap, etc.
Machinery and equipment: motors, loaders, lathes, bearings, etc.
Vehicles and spare parts
Precision instruments, etc.

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